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Event Listing

How much does it cost to list my event in the Yearbook ?

The 2-line event entries that appear in the Yearbook are free of charge to all event organisers and details may be submitted by visiting the Event Organisers page of this website.  If you would like to place an advert in the Yearbook, please visit the Display Advertising page of this website for further information.

I can’t get all my information in the Event & Venue section: what should I do ?

Suggestions include:

  • use abbreviated words where possible, e.g. Soc for Society, Rd for Road
  • use Initial Capitals, where appropriate, e.g. MC for Motor Club
  • omit superfluous words or punctuation
  • replace long words with shorter ones
  • omit Organisation Name if less important than Event Title

I can’t get all my information in the Event Contact boxes: what should I do ?

Suggestions include:

  • omit surname
  • transfer website address to Other Information in the Event & Venue section

In the Preview Pane, there’s an ‘awkward’ line-break: what should I do ?

Try changing the word order and/or reducing the number of characters (see previous two answers)

What if my organisation has more than one event and not all are run by the same person ?

There can only be one contact for each Organisation registered on our website. However, if you’d find it more convenient than channelling everything through one person, you could register a separate ‘organisation’ with a slightly different name, perhaps by adding the location of a specific event to the main organisation’s name, for example XYZ Motor Club – Manchester.

What’s the deadline for submitting information for publication in the Yearbook? ?

The 2018 yearbook was published on 7 February. Any information supplied by its organiser about an additional, changed or cancelled event will appear in the Event Updates section of our website.

I’ve got most of the information for my event, but can’t confirm yet: what should I do ?

Complete all you can, answer ‘No’ to the question on whether all event information is confirmed and click Submit. As soon as all the information becomes definite, revisit and complete the entry, then change your answer to ‘Yes’ for the confirmed information question and click Submit – until you do, it won’t appear in the Yearbook or on our website.

As a new organiser I’m supplying information for several events for which the Event & Venue details are almost identical, how can I avoid re-typing everything for each one ?

Enter the information for the first event and once submitted further events can be created from this by choosing the ‘COPY’ option.  You can then edit this copied event with any amended details and save it by pressing ‘Submit’.

For my Events Listing account there is no organisation as such: what shall I enter ?

If you’re running only one event, use the title of the event (shortened, if you think appropriate). If you have more than event, ‘invent’ a suitable Organisation Name to apply to all your events – it’s important for the same name to be used, so we can associate them easily. If there’s no Organisation Website, please enter an Event Website address, if there is one.

What if I have an additional event or an event that’s been cancelled or changed since publication in the yearbook? ?

You can provide ‘update’ information by either (a) clicking here and logging in to your Organiser Account, or (b) emailing with full details of your additional, changed or cancelled event, so that we can make an entry in the Event Updates list for you.


Is PayPal safe ?

The PayPal site is highly secure.  Industry-leading technology is used to keep your information safe.  PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to theirs using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with the highest level commercially available encryption key.  Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically.  PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the Internet, so your private information is available only to authorised computers.

Do I need to register to buy a Yearbook, and what are the advantages of registering for an account ?

No – you may make a purchase as a guest without registering your details, however registering allows you to save your details making any future orders for the Yearbook quicker and more convenient.  You will also have the benefit of being able to view your historical purchases and track the status of any current orders.

Can I change or cancel my order ?

You can increase your order at any time by simply placing a further order.

Before the February Yearbook publication date you can reduce or cancel your order, as long as we receive your notification by 15th January. Please send an email to: or fill in our online form: Change of Contact Details and/or Order

A refund will be made as follows:

  • If you paid by cheque or postal order, we’ll send you a refund by the same method.
  • If you paid by PayPal, we’ll send you a refund by the same method.
  • If you made a PayPal subscription arrangement, for a reduced order we’ll adjust the amount we collect, whereas for complete cancellation we’ll simply not collect at all – but it’s essential you also amend or cancel the subscription directly using your PayPal account.

If you order after the February publication of the Yearbook, you may amend your order up until your order status is despatched.

Can I have a Yearbook sent to a friend ?

Yes – when ordering tick the box for ‘delivery to a different address’ and enter your friend’s name and address (including post code). If you wish to purchase your own Yearbook and one for a friend please place two separate orders as only one delivery address per order is possible.

How are donations used ?

Donations go initially into the charity account of the Rotary Club. They are then used for a wide variety of carefully-chosen charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally, mostly for disaster relief, humanitarian aid and youth development.  Examples are shown at various places in the yearbook and on the About page of this website.

When will I receive my Yearbook order ?

The main distribution takes place immediately on publication in early February. For orders placed after that time, please allow up to 14 days, though orders placed online are normally despatched more quickly.

Is there a discount for larger quantities ?

A discount is available for orders of 15 or more Yearbooks delivered to one address at the same time. Please email for details.

Why can’t you send my Yearbook for payment on receipt ?

Since 2003 when the Rotary Club of York Vikings first took on the publication, sales and distribution of Morgan’s Yearbook, the number of subscribers and sales of the Yearbook have grown significantly.  As Morgan’s Yearbook is run on a voluntary basis, it has become necessary to keep administrative processes to a minimum in order to ensure that we can continue to offer the service so valued by many of our subscribers.  This means that it is only possible for us to send Yearbooks once they have been paid for, however the option to subscribe on an ongoing basis using PayPal provides a convenient means by which you can receive your Yearbook automatically each year as soon as it has been published.

I have a long address which does not all fit into the boxes provided – what should I do ?

If you have used your postcode to locate your address, please type any missing lines of your address into the second box provided and separate the lines with a comma.  Please do not amend the TOWN/CITY or POSTCODE boxes.  For example, a 3-line address plus city and postcode can be entered as follows:

12 Any Street

Any Village, Any Area

Any City


Alternatively, if you prefer to enter all of your address details manually, this is also possible using the same method of separating multiple address lines in one box with a comma.

Is it possible to send Morgan’s Yearbook to a non-U.K. address ?

No, unfortunately the free delivery service offered is only available to United Kingdom addresses.

What if I wish to order a yearbook and pay for it by Cheque or Postal Order ?

Download an order form by clicking here and send the completed form with a cheque/PO to the address on the form. Yearbooks are normally despatched within two weeks of an order being received and payment processed (though not before the publication date of early February). If unable to download and print, please send your cheque/PO (payable to “Morgan’s Yearbook”) with a note of your name, address (including Postcode), other contact details and quantity required to: Morgan’s Yearbook, Burnley Wharf (Block C), Manchester Road, BURNLEY BB11 1JG.